A lot of new parents still commit mistakes when taking care of their babies for the first time, especially in terms of hygiene. Sometimes even if you have read up a lot about the topic, it's still a bit overwhelming and you'll tend to forget everything when the baby's actually out already.

Would you believe even several not-so-new parents remain oblivious to the reality behind common hygiene myths? Well, so that you can avoid confusion, just remember these 5 common baby hygiene mistakes that you ought to correct about the way you take care of your own child.

Put Too Much Shampoo

It's common knowledge that shampoo often consists of harsh chemicals. But don't worry because baby shampoos are a lot gentler. Nonetheless, you should see to it not to overdo shampooing of your baby's hair. Don't put too much because it might be harmful to his or her head. What's more, you don't want to run the risk of getting some in his or her eyes.

Experts say that it's best to just squeeze out a small blob of shampoo onto the palm of your hand, a little more than pea-sized. You should follow this rule even if you're using the organic type. Then spread it throughout your infant's head. You can apply the shampoo only two to three times a week for newborns and small infants.

Use Too Much Powder

Many moms have the tendency to use too much powder on babies. It's often sprinkled all over the body after bath time and also utilized in the diaper area to help thwart rashes.

Actually, many pediatricians don't recommend this practice. The tiny particles of powder can actually be inhaled by little babies easily and may cause problems with breathing or even trigger allergies.

What's more, scientific studies have never proven the effectiveness of baby powder in preventing or helping treat diaper rashes. Hence, it's better for you to make use of the right kind of cream for this purpose--one that has zinc oxide.

Choose Fragrant, Antibacterial Soap

Yes, you want your baby to smell really good after bathing him or her. But really, there's no need to use soaps with fragrance. These are actually quite risky because they contain more chemicals that can cause allergies and skin problems. Always remember that your baby's skin is highly sensitive. It would be good to opt for fragrance-free soaps that are especially designed for babies.

Just because a particular soap is antibacterial doesn't mean it's good for your precious little one. On the contrary, it's likely to have harsh chemicals too. So stay away from this type until your child is a toddler. It's best reserved for bigger kids and adults.

Forego The Brushing Of Teeth

When your baby has grown his or her first few teeth, it's time to make brushing a regular part of your hygienic routine. Check out those tiny toothbrushes with very soft bristles that you can slip through your fingers while using. There are also baby toothpastes with flavors that you can use, which are safe to swallow.

Make sure to brush your baby's teeth twice a day, as this habit will promote better health for your child and will make it easier to make him or her brush daily in the toddler years.

Forget To Apply Sunscreen

If you intend to bring your baby out of the house, even if it's not particularly sunny, it would still be advisable to apply sunscreen. This is often practiced for babies who are at least six months old.

Ensure application thirty minutes before exposing your child to sunlight. This is to help avoid heat rash and other skin problems. After all, your baby's skin is a lot more sensitive than yours. And of course this will also make him or her feel more comfortable.

Keep these common baby hygiene mistakes in mind so that you'll be able to dodge them. If you must, print out the article or make a list and then display in a visible area such as on the baby's crib or cabinet.

And as you apply the tips given here, also be sure to prepare the necessary supplies to optimize good hygiene and health for your tiny treasure. Feel free to browse through our baby bath selections for high quality products you can depend on.