We’ve all been there. Prepared the most delicious meals only for our toddlers to throw it all over the walls, or floor (if you’re lucky!) So how can you make sure your little one gets a balanced and varied diet? Here are five great expert tips.


1. Don't give up

Experts suggest that it can take up to 12 times of trying a food for a child to get used to it and like it. Instead of writing off yet another new food once they’ve spat it out or thrown it across the kitchen, look on it as part of the learning curve.

 2. Join in

It may only be 11.30am and you’ve not long since finished your breakfast but eating with your little one can set a great example to them. When you can, try and eat together as a family, it will help your little one get used to meal times and encourage them to eat their food if everyone else is.

 3. Variety is the spice of life

If you’re bored of what you’re making for your tot, then chances are they’re bored of it too and who can blame them if it’s pasta again, or beans on toast. Use this summer to introduce them to seasonal fruit such as berries and tropical varieties too, like mango and pineapple which will tickle their taste buds. Make batches of couscous, rice or pasta salads instead of slaving away over the stove making hot food. Even sandwiches can be jazzed up!

 4. Make it fun

It’s easy to get stressed when your little one refuses to eat or worse, throws your beautifully prepared meal onto the (clean) kitchen floor before you can catch it. But getting stressed or upset doesn't necessarily help

 5. Watch those snacks

One reason that little ones may not be eating at mealtimes is because they’re actually full. These days it can be really easy to lose track of the number of snacks we give them between meals, but if they’re having too many then they won’t be hungry enough for lunch or dinner. So keep a track on how many between meal snacks you’re giving them and try to cut it down – especially if they’re not eating any or all of their main meals.