Gerber Love Sleep 'n Play 3-6 Months
Gerber Love Sleep 'n Play 3-6 Months

Gerber Love Sleep 'n Play 3-6 Months

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Gerber Sleep n Plays are the ultimate footie pajamas baby is sure to love! These soft footies are made with 100% cotton, a comfortable fabric that's perfectly breathable to prevent irritation against baby's delicate skin. They're appropriate to use as newborn footie pajamas as they are made to comply with all safe sleep standards.Sleep n Play features a zipper down the front of the outfit to allow for easy and fast diaper changes. This zipper makes the baby sleeper incredibly easy to put on as well as to take off. Atop the zipper is a safety tab with a snap to keep the zipper held in place. This reduces irritation caused by baby's chin being poked by the zipper. These baby sleepers are footed to add extra warmth which is wonderful for sleepy time as well as if there is a chill in the air.

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