Baby video monitors are essential for parents who want to keep an eye on their babies as much as possible. These video monitors are an upgrade from sound monitors, giving you a clear visual of what your baby is doing at the exact moment alongside the sounds that your baby makes as well. This is the perfect baby gadget for busybee parents and those who live in larger homes. If you’re looking to get your very first baby video monitor, here are some tips you ought to take note of:

Range – Unfortunately, video monitors are known to have worse range capabilities compared to sound monitors. However, browsing through a wide assortment of video monitors and comparing their ranges can remedy this issue. Checking out reviews and testimonials by fellow parents can help in leading you to the right video monitor with enough range capabilities for your home.

Sound clarity – The sounds emitted by your baby are just as important as the visual imagery of your baby on the monitor. These sounds are your clues to what your baby needs, and this is why assessing the sound clarity is a crucial aspect of buying a video monitor as well.

Image quality/Night viewing – Image quality and screen size varies from one monitor to another. It’s completely up to you what monitor size you prefer, but you really have to be meticulous when it comes to the image quality. Normally, you’ll have to pay more for clearer resolutions, especially when it comes to night viewing. Choose the video monitors with infrared LEDs that provide a black and white visual of the baby in a dark room.

Other features – These other important features include pan, tilt, and zoom. Not all baby video monitors offer these vast viewing range, and so if you’re really looking to get a dependable monitor, it’s highly recommended that you invest in those with a higher technology capabilities. You may not have much need for these extra features for a newborn baby, but as your baby grows older, they tend to move around more as well. This requires the use of these actions that can help you in tracking down what your baby is up to.