Well your kid can still be a clutter monster, but have a great room.  If you help him or her out with a few touches (especially if they are younger), he or she will develop pride in their room and possibly put toys, clothes and other items in their proper places.  Following are a few suggestions of doing so which may help the child develop a sense of “Self” atmosphere and taking the initiative to really liking their room. 

Start with some neat pictures for kids.  They could be such images as:  Fine art prints, alphabet, rhymes & quotes, paper wall art, animal prints, as well as personalized growth charts.  In addition, there are numerous other items which can be used for the child which gives the sense of “their space,” such as piggy banks, book holders, book ends, memo boards, charts, barrette holders, name chains, plaques and other wall type items.

Make sure the bedding is layered, and perhaps a personal or individualized pillow or blanket with his or her name could work wonders towards developing a great room.  If the kid is old enough, to develop responsibility perhaps hang a plant or install an aquarium that he or she will have to nurture, plus for kids watching a plant or fish grow is awesome.

Don’t forget the toy totes and storage items.  All those toys which are frequently scattered need a place to rest as well when not in use.  Another recommendation, would be to make sure the floor is not bare –perhaps fun rugs, animal print rugs, a small sofa or play spot mini-kid-couch would be way so cool if friends are visiting. 

Ask them!!  What they would really think is awesome and cool for their “hangout” and place of sleep could start the ball rolling.