While raising a new born, you have to take several measures at home to keep them safe and secure at home. Stair cases should be out of reach for toddlers and you need to put some barricades every time you child is playing in the living room. Here are some additional safety tips you can follow to help keep your baby safe.

Kitchen Safety

Ensure that the chords of appliances which are placed on the countertop, are completely out of reach of children. Little babies have the tendency to tug at electrical cords and this could result in an appliance falling directly on their head.

Sharp objects likes knifes and other utensils need to be kept in place that is inaccessible to children. Cleaning liquids should be kept safely locked in the cabinets.

Many households place food bowls for pets in kitchens. Avoid this practice while raising a baby since the toddler could choke on the food. Ensure that bowls of food and water are kept in a place that is not used by the baby.

Bathroom Safety

Your child should never be left alone in the bathroom. An adult should always be present to prevent any drowning hazards. You should also ensure that water is not left standing in the bath tub.

Before giving a bath to your child, always make it a point to personally check the water temperature. The water should be neither cold nor hot. You should realize that a baby’s skin is more sensitive to higher temperatures than adults. So the temperature of the water should always be warm while giving them a bath.

Keep all electrical appliances like razors, hair blowers, curling irons, toothbrushes and heaters locked safely in the cabinet. It is also a good idea to deploy latches on drawers and cabinets to provide additional protection.

Crib Safety

When you raising your child, you are bound to receive a lot of gifts from family members and friends. Make it a point to ensure that baby accessories like cribs and strollers are sturdy and fully compliant with quality standards followed by the industry.

Keep the crib away from windows. If you plan to place the crib close to the windows for better ventilation, make it a point to install window locks. This will ensure that windows can be opened only up to a certain degree (for instance 4 inches). You should also make sure that mini-blind cords are completely out of reach. This could lead to strangulation if the baby starts playing with cords.

Do not keep any appliances near the crib that can be accessed by the baby. It is not ideal to even keep toys around since kids tend to chew on them.