Vacation With A BabyTaking a newborn on vacation can be an enjoyable experience providing parents prepare well. Packing the necessities for baby is important for a successful trip.

Writing a list of what to pack is essential. Observe what is used for the newborn at home, and add these items to the list. Starting with the larger essentials will ensure the major necessities are included. The baby will need something to sleep in, so a portable crib is important, unless there is a crib at the destination. Don't forget fitted sheets and a blanket. A car seat for automotive travel is a necessity. An inflatable bath tub will keep baby clean. A stroller is important, unless the baby will be carried in a sling. Most parents bring a stroller when sightseeing because it can also store extra baby items along in its compartments underneath the seat. Diaper bags won't weigh parents down when wheeled along with the baby. A sling can be stored in the stroller in case the baby gets fussy and needs cuddle time.

Smaller items are important too. Breast feeding is a convenient way to feed a newborn on vacation because there's no need to bring bottles and formula. If breastfeeding isn't an option, bring bottles, formula, a bottle brush and dish soap. Bring toys to keep baby occupied during travel. Toys that attach to stroller or car seats are most convenient. A hooded towel, container of baby soap, and washcloth should be packed. If a pacifier is used, bring a few in case one gets lost. Of course diapers, wipes, powder and diaper rash cream are must haves.

Remember if traveling by airplane, liquid items must be three ounces or fewer. Its ok if you forget something though, you can always buy items at your destination.