How to Introduce Food To Your Baby

Posted by Maria on 8/19/2013
Baby Being FedBabies are unique creatures and no two are the same. Most babies are ready for an introduction to solid food between the ages of four months and six months. Others may not be ready until they are as much as a year old. 

When introducing solid foods to your baby it's important to remember that babies have a sensitive palate and you should make sure that there aren't any seasoning?s in the foods which are being introduced. Foods such as creamed vegetables should be just the vegetable without any salt or butter that is ran through a food processor to make it completely smooth. Your baby will take time getting used to this new sensation so he or she is quite likely to spit the food out as soon as you spoon it into his or her mouth.

Start slow and work your way up. Baby will be surprised at the texture and taste of this new stuff in his or her mouth. He or she may ponder the taste and texture for a few moments and then spit it out. He or she may not know what to do with this stuff in his or her mouth. 

It's important to start with one food at a time and give baby a few days to get used to that particular food. If after a few days baby is enjoying that food another food may be introduced. This method can also help to detect food allergies. If baby breaks out in a rash or has other symptoms, baby may be allergic to that food item. Switch to a different food and try baby on that one again in a few short months. Always ask your doctor before starting your baby on solid foods. Some doctors prefer to wait and start baby on solids at a later date.
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