CBaby in Strollerhoosing the best baby stroller need not be a chore. Strollers are available for a variety of lifestyles, making it easy to find one that is the perfect fit for any growing family.

Full sized strollers can be reclined to varying degrees, a necessity for the baby who is not yet sitting up. These will have storage space for diapers, a change of clothes, snacks and baby accessories. Parents appreciate the convenience of having a place to store their wallet, keys, and cell phone. Many come equipped with rain hoods and sun visors, ensuring baby's comfort in all kinds of weather. Though often bulky and heavy, they are roomy and provide a smoother ride for the child. This is important if the stroller will be used frequently.

Another option is the lightweight stroller. Weighing under 20 pounds, they fold up easily for storage and are easy to handle. They often incorporate reclining seats and rain hoods, as well as small storage compartments. The ride is not as smooth as the larger strollers, but they are perfect for the family that likes to be ready to go at a moments notice. 

The most economical choice is the umbrella stroller, which is generally better for toddlers who will not need a reclining seat. These utilitarian strollers are great as a spare stroller to stash in the trunk of the car. 

Ease of use is important as well. Strollers with padded handles and adjustable handle heights are nice. The wheels should not hit the feet when walking around. A stroller that easily makes sharp turns is a big plus when grocery shopping or traveling on a crowded sidewalk.

Above all, safety is the most important feature. A five-point harness is the best option for infants, while a three-point harness works for toddlers. The stroller should be stable, remaining upright if a diaper bag is hung over the handles. The latches should not pinch, and all connection points should be secure.