How to Plan Your Baby's Nursery

Posted by Maria on 8/20/2013
Kids Line Vintage Mickey 4 pc.Crib BeddingA great nursery combines practicality with style. Hand-painted wall motifs and a great color scheme can set the mood for your little one's arrival, and a comfortable rocker and efficient changing table will make those midnight wakings so much easier.

Soft pinks and pastel blues aren't the only color schemes available these days. Parents can give their baby boy's nursery a modern feel with chocolate browns and forest greens, or they can fill up their little girl's room with shades of lilac for that classic feminine look. 

Parents who wish to cover their baby's crib with soft blankets and adorable teddy bears may need to step back and consider safety precautions first, but that doesn't mean the mother-to-be can't lend her personal touches to the nursery. A crib should be placed away from areas with heat fluctuations, like windows, and it's important to keep your baby's sleeping area free of clutter. Instead, put that cute teddy bear on a special shelf that's out of your baby's reach. Keep other personalized items, like wooden blocks that spell out your little one's name and pregnancy pictures of mom and dad, on this shelf as well.

Every new mother who has experienced night wakings knows the relief of sinking down into a comfortable glider to breastfeed her new arrival. Position the glider close to the crib and make sure a small table with burp cloths is nearby. Another simple time saver is a changing table with plenty of storage room built in. This way, there's no scrambling about for diapers and wipes when your little one is fussy and needs a change.

Creating a nursery that's both comfortable and charming is one of the most important tasks on an expectant parent's list. By organizing and planning ahead, you're sure to create a nursery that's perfect for the whole family.
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