Becoming a mother changes you the moment you find out you’re pregnant. You have a new responsibility to take care of yourself in ways that you never thought about before. You now have this “thing,” this person inside you, growing from what your body gives it.

When your due date approaches, all you’ll want is for this thing, this parasite that’s been kicking you, giving you heartburn for the past six months, and wreaking havoc on your body since day one to get out of your body so it can return to normal. Unfortunately, your body will likely never return to what it was before having children.
Becoming a mother is one of the most beautiful experiences any woman can have. But it’s also important to remember that you are more than a mother. Now that you’re responsible for this new tiny human, it’s easy to forget that you’re a person, too. Many mothers have been known to lose their identity when motherhood begins. It’s important to remember to take time for yourself.

If you’re a working mother on maternity leave, you’ll be going back to work soon. This will cut in to your “me time” as well. You’ll feel that you have two responsibilities: your baby, and your job. You’ll naturally feel the pangs of guilt if you even consider doing something for yourself.


It’s that simple. Only you can make yourself feel guilty, and there’s no need for it. When you feel overwhelmed, it’s ok to take a breather. You are not a bad mother if you need a break. No mother can possibly do everything without taking a respite every now and then. Unless you take a time-out for yourself every now and then, your body, mind and spirit could very well snap. And that won’t be good for anyone.

Take a morning Mommy and Me Yoga class. Ask a friend or family member to watch the baby for a few hours while you get some much-needed rest.

Make sure you see your friends regularly. It’s important that you make time for these relationships. You’ll want to tell stories about baby’s newest habits, how he’s discovered his tiny little toes, and that’s fine. Just remember that you need to share how you’re feeling about yourself with your besties, too. Talking with them about your own feelings will help you to reconnect not only with them, but with yourself as well.

You need to take time for yourself, and you most certainly deserve it. You’ll be a better mother for it.