The tradition of trick-or-treating has created so many treasured memories among kids all over the world. As adults, we’ll always keep those memories and wish that our children can have their very own memories of Halloween too. But how do we know that our little ones are ready to have their first trick-or-treat experience? The answer depends on your reason for the activity.

Just for the Costume - Younger than 2 Years

If you just want your child to wear adorable Halloween costumes, then maybe letting him or her go trick-or-treating alone with older kids is not a good idea at this point. Of course, one-year-olds can join in the costume party around the neighborhood, and maybe asking for candies around the block, but mom or dad should be right by the side. 

Aside from safety, very little children should not be left on their own trick-or-treating as they are exposed to the elements and may be allergic to treats they get. Until the child has had experience with solid food and you have determined what is safe for them to eat, they can join the Halloween costume party but without the candy.

For the Sweets - Toddler or Older

What if you want your kid to experience the thrill of actually knocking on doors themselves, ready to face the big challenge? Well, as long as they’re able to walk on their own and say the words “trick or treat”, they’re good to go. Some parents even add that they should also be able to process candy. Toddlers are yet to develop a sense of appreciation that older kids already have, but the kind of social interaction that they get from the occasion is an enriching experience. 

For kids this young, however, parents will need to exert more effort in preparing the child for the occasion, in assisting them every step of the way – from choosing the costume to dressing up to getting around the neighborhood (from a distance where mom or dad does not hover but just supervise) – and even in helping check their sweets after the activity (as they are still be too young to enjoy all the treats they get). The extra efforts goes a long way in making sure that children enjoy Halloween in a safe environment, leaving wonderful memories for children to reminisce in later years.