The holiday season is upon us, and, for a good number of us, this means we’ll be travelling. In fact, the day after Thanksgiving is usually the busiest day of the year on American roads. And, if you are the parent or guardian of an infant, it means that you will need to make sure you are equipped with the right baby car seat.   

Convertible Car Seat vs Rear-Facing Infant Car Seat

New parents have a choice between getting a convertible infant car seat and a rear-facing baby car seat. The first type of infant car seat is great because it can do duty as both a rear-facing seat for infants and later serve as a front-facing car seat for more mature babies that are up to 80 pounds (depends on the particular seat) in weight. Of course, this would save you the cash and hassle of buying a second seat in the future.

However, convertible seats are too large for babies who weigh 20 pounds or less. So if your baby is still that small, you will need to get a baby car seat for infants that small. These specialized seats will keep the smallest of infants safe and secure. Conversely, if your baby is heavier than 20 pounds, there is no reason for you not to go with the convertible infant car seat option.   

When comparing car seats for your baby, look at the following:

Size and Capacity

As mentioned above, you must get the right seat for the job. If your baby is still very small, you must refuse to cut corners by getting a convertible seat before your baby is ready for one. Read the literature to learn the size of babies the chairs you are considering were designed to protect.

Five-Point Safety Harness

This get up, with its two shoulder straps, a pair of thigh straps, and a single one between the legs, is what protects NASCAR drivers. These harnesses are especially protective because each strap is individually adjustable which makes it easy to keep your little one snug.   

Easy to Use and Keep Clean

Being a parent or guardian is a full-time gig. Therefore, we have to save time when we can. Make sure you get a baby car seat that is easy to install, remove and clean up. The easier the chair is to use, the more likely you will use it!