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Anything that comes in contact with your baby or his or her sensitive skin has the potential to harm, especially when those items are put inside their mouths like pacifiers, teething toys, cups and bottles. Even surfaces that your baby comes in contact with like high chairs and play areas can have the potential to create health problems. So you would only want the cleanest, safest product that kills germs, viruses, bacteria and allergens. No nasty BPAs, dyes, parabens, phthalates or any other harmful chemical that could compromise the baby's health or irritate the baby's sensitive skin. At Ideal Baby, all laundry and cleaning supplies are FDA food-grade and approved so you worry less on keeping the baby's environment germ-free knowing that the products you use will take care of it. With your baby's health, you can't take chances.

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Baby King Zippered Laundry Bag
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Dreft High Efficiency Detergent 170 oz
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Summer Keep Me Clean Disposable Potty Protector
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