Getting a good night's sleep often seems impossible when you are pregnant: you can't find a comfortable position or your baby is up all night kicking. Proper rest is essential for your baby's health and development, but taking certain medications to help you sleep is dangerous. Fortunately, there are specially-designed maternity pillows to help you sleep.

What Is a Maternity Pillow?

Maternity pillows are designed to fit the unique needs of pregnant women. They come in several different sizes and shapes. Long U-shaped pillows surround you while providing support for your belly, back and knees. Smaller wedge pillows fit under your belly to provide support while you are lying on your side, and J-shaped pillows provide support for your belly and knees.

What Are the Benefits of a Maternity Pillow?

The biggest benefit of using a maternity pillow is finding a comfortable position in bed so you can get to sleep. Your belly is supported, so laying on your side is more comfortable, and the pillow can help hip or back pain, depending on the size and positioning of the pillow. A maternity pillow also provides extra protection for your unborn baby, which gives you peace of mind when sharing a bed with young children or a restless partner. Then, once your baby is born, a maternity pillow helps you to comfortably feed your baby when you lay it across your lap to support your arm and the baby.

How Do You Choose the Best Maternity Pillow?

With so many choices, it can be difficult to find the best maternity pillow for your comfort. First, consider which areas give you pain or need extra support when you are lying in bed. Then, compare prices and user reviews for several pillows that provide support where you need it. Do not be afraid to try several styles together to get exactly the support and comfort level you need.