Parents understandably want the best for their baby. Everything from choosing the right car seat to decorating the nursery should be given great consideration. Where and how the baby will sleep is one of the most important choices a parent will make. Whether or not to purchase a mattress pad for the baby's crib is one of the many choices a parent will have when making the nursery as safe and comfortable as possible. There are several reasons why it is important to have a mattress pad for the baby.

Mattress pads are thin, flat pads placed over the top of the regular mattress. Many of the larger mattresses used in a baby's bed are extremely firm, even stiff. These pads provide an extra layer of padding and comfort for the baby. The materials used in the larger mattresses may not provide a very warm environment. Therefore, a good mattress pad will provide some extra warmth for the baby. A mattress pad will also help protect the larger mattress and the sheets from becoming dirty or stained. It can even help prevent toxins and molds from growing on the regular mattress. Nearly all mattress pads for the crib are machine washable and should be washed on a regular basis.

There are a few important guidelines to keep in mind when choosing a mattress pad. Make sure the pad fits into the crib and over the regular mattress perfectly. There shouldn't be any spaces between the crib and any of the baby's bedding. While comfortable padding is important, make sure the mattress pad isn't too thick or cushy. Finally, look for labels that indicate the mattress pad is flame resistant.