Every parent has a list of things that they cannot live without.  The more kids they have, the more their list is refined.  First time parents might depend on the diaper contraption, while parents with three kids may be perfectly satisfied with throwing soiled diapers in the garbage can.  There are some things that parents learn are necessary to their sanity whether they have one or four kids.

For obvious reasons, a high quality car seat is an absolute must have.  You cannot travel by car, plane or train without a car seat.  If you are a two-car family, you might want to invest in two – one for each vehicle.  It’s a bit of a pain to have to transfer from car to car.  Also, if mom usually picks baby up but gets held up for some random reason and dad has to go in her place but doesn’t have a car seat…and now there is a problem, right?  One thing all parents learn is to always be prepared.

New mothers are more or less confined to their homes the first few weeks after childbirth.  Sometimes, they can go a little stir crazy.  If weather permits, a walk, even if it’s just two or three houses down the street, can give them a sense of freedom.  A stroller can be a life saver when mommy just needs a breath of fresh air.

A rocking chair or glider can help parents bond with their newborn.  Is your baby colicky?  The motion helps to relax baby, and mom and dad get to hold baby tight. 

Don’t forget the ever-important swing.  A swing can be a busy parent’s best friend.  If you need your hands free to make dinner, do laundry, or just need a few moments of relaxation, you can put your fussy baby in the swing and let it do the rocking motion for you.

There may be many other things you cannot live without but these staples just may help you keep your sanity in those first few months of parenthood.