People is odd, ain’t they? We tend to think that we are always at the tip of the spear, that we exist at the precise moment when humankind has best answered all the questions.

But, this is not so. Just as the eggheads of the 1970s were completely wrong when they taught new mothers that man-made formula was a healthier and more complete alternative to the milk contained within their own breasts. Not all change is progress. Sometimes, tradition is where it is at.

When the time comes for you to stock your baby nursery, you need to keep in mind that a hint of the past is just what you and your baby need. You need to pick up at least one or a few of these old-timey baby furniture pieces.


The antique cradle can very well serve as the cornerstone to your nursery. They are gorgeous and functional due their simple design. Now, while it can be tough to find them in thrift stores, good deals can be found online on such sites as ebay and craigslist.

Rocking Chair

Old-timey rocking chairs are comforting for the baby and for the person holding the baby alike. Sure, while there are plenty of rocking items on the market these days, wouldn’t it be wonderful to have an antique rocking chair that you rock your baby to sleep on and that your baby will eventually rock to sleep his or her babies upon.

Rocking Horses

I never had a rocking horse as a kid. This fact left an empty space in a corner of my heart. Don’t leave an empty space in your baby’s heart. Get him or her an antique rocking horse or some other rocking toy. The market is flooded with these, and who knows, your baby may even end up with a rocking buffalo or giraffe.