As a soon-to-be mom, there is no question that your checklist of needed baby gear is a mile long. Therefore, use a baby shower to check a lot of items off of your list. Create a baby registry to let your guests know exactly what you need for your baby.

Start by making a detailed list of all the things you need before your baby's arrival. List the items in categories so you do not miss anything. Think about nursery furniture, clothing, feeding time, changing time, bath time and travel.
Once you have created your list, take a trip to your local store, and peruse the baby aisles to add items to your list that you may have missed. Check out items up close and personally. Pay attention to stroller styles, crib sheet patterns and baby bottle types.
Register for items in a wide range of prices. A pair of baby fingernail clippers seems insignificant, but they are a necessity, and if a guest knows you need them, they make a great addition to a bath time gift basket. Do not be afraid to add big-ticket items, such as cribs and changing tables, to your baby registry; some guests like to combine their funds to purchase more expensive items.

After your online baby registry is complete, spread the word about where you are registered. While etiquette books warn that it is not appropriate to include baby registry information on a shower invitation, it is acceptable to send the message through word of mouth, and many guests ask the shower planner for this information so they can purchase a gift you really need.