During pregnancy, new parents must make many decisions. One thing they must decide before the baby arrives is where the baby is going to sleep. In past history, infants slept in bed with their mothers. However, modern medicine has declared this practice extremely dangerous. Babies should have their own cribs: it is the safest place for them to sleep. However, not all baby bedding is created equal. New parents need to consider their child's safety as they select a crib mattress.

New parents need to select a crib mattress that is firm. A newborn's body is extremely soft and will sink deeply into a mattress that does not provide sufficient support. A newborn does not have the muscular strength to change positions if his fluffy bedding begins to swallow him up and suffocate him. That is why it is essential that parents choose a firm mattress designed especially for newborns. 

Some parents want to purchase a crib mattress that their child will be able to use as he grows into a toddler. These parents are often attracted to the odor and water-proof toddler mattresses as they anticipate future potty training. However, not all toddler mattresses are safe for newborns. Some companies, such as idealbaby.com, are offering convertible mattresses that are safe for newborns as well as comfortable and practical for toddlers. They are firmer on one side and softer on the other.

Some parents are concerned about the possibility of the human engineered materials found in crib mattresses releasing harmful gasses. These parents might consider purchasing a crib mattress made out of organic or all-natural materials. 

A lot of decisions are packed into a nine month time frame when parents are expecting a new baby. The choice of crib mattress will have a profound influence on the newborn's safety.