Play- Outdoor activities is vitally important for every child to grow healthy and wise. Below are some reasons listed as why your kids should get involved in outdoor activities.  Outdoors is a complete fun activity for kids growth and for the complete healthy development of the child physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

Outdoors enhance physical health of the child

Physical engagement is vital for a person’s healthy life. Spending quality time playing outdoor simply means less time sitting at home in front of the TV- rightly termed as the idiot box. Outdoor activities require physical strength; therefore it can give our kids more healthy body. It will also teach our kids the value of physical exercise and carry on as they grow.

Outdoor play leads to healthier bones.

Outdoor plays expose you to sunlight and give you vitamin D, which is a vital ingredient for physical nourishment of the body. Scientifically speaking this vitamin can help control body calcium and phosphate, elements that help your kid have healthier bones. Research has proven that vitamin D treatment can help a human being outgrow in autism, cancer, chronic pain, diabetes, flu, muscular deficiencies, heart ailments and bone related diseases.

Kids who play healthy time outdoors grow Mentally Healthy

Many of the outdoor activities are indeed physically challenging, but if you’ll notice, outdoor activities also require mental toughness. What is strength without the use of the brain as they say? Outdoor play can help your kid improve their logical thinking, practical reasoning and develop strong problem solving ability. There are afterschool programs that are indeed physically demanding and yet mentally challenging.

Outdoors Allow Your Kids Grow Emotionally Healthy

Physical and mental strength are always in use when doing outdoor activities. Moreover, outdoor activities trigger your child to grow emotionally healthy. Often, outdoor activities are completed through team efforts. Allowing your kid to go out from his or her comfort zone and meet new friends can help a lot on your child’s emotional growth also it enhances the social engagement of the child and boosts their self-confidence. A confident kid is better prepared to face life in the future as they grow up.

Getting exposed to outdoors lets children appreciate nature and things around us and how it works can always make a kid grow spiritually.