One of the biggest milestone the parents look forward to is saying good bye to stinky diapers and training their child ready to use toilet. Generally the child is ready for potty training at the age between 18 to 24 months. This process may differ upon the child’s eagerness for the potty training. There are series of questions you should ask yourself before planning a potty training for your kid. Is your kid ready for the training?

Every child is different and their eagerness to learn a new thing is fluctuate. One moment they will be excited to learn a new thing but few moments later they will show unwillingness to accept anything new. One should always notice few things in their child before forcing them into potty training. Does your kid understand the words like toilet, urine, and stool? Is your kid feel irritated by wet or soiled feeling? Does your child show curiousness about bathrooms or try to sit on the toilet seat.

Has your child got awareness of his/her bowel movements? Your child says words like pee or poop or show any kind of reactions when he/she needs a change. These are few important points every parent needs to point in their child for at least one month before they start a potty training with kid. Remember, if your child is not ready, it will be useless to force your child into anything. It might be possible that your child will retaliate to your commands by crying or showing irritation.

Are you ready for Potty Training?

Teaching a kid anything new takes a lot of energy and patience. You should be prepared for countless visits to bathroom, extra laundry and not to mention excessive cleaning of puddle everywhere. In this stressful time, you are expected to stay calm and smile no matter how irritated you feel. You should also consider the role of your spouse in potty training. If you and your spouse are busy with new jobs, facing some stressful situation or adjusting to parenthood, it will be alright to postpone potty training for some time. If you are not ready to make your child learn potty training, its ok to accept it and give time to adjust and learn what you can do to make the potty training process easy. Remember, it’s a team work and you need the help of your spouse in that. Parents should sit and plan the whole process of training before going for actual application on child.

Once you are very sure that your child is ready for the potty training, introduce the potty chair to your child. Take them with you for choosing their favorite chair. Have some patience and tell them about the usage of this thing. Purchase some fun underwear for your child. Try to encourage them with a smile even when they fail. Your one sign of irritation might demotivate them in learning potty training. Give them small treats, hugs and kisses when they use potty correctly. Clap for them and also point out their accomplishment to other family members. Potty training process takes a lot of time, so it’s advisable to keep a stock of diapers handy for your kid.