Baby CryingTeething is one of the most difficult to prepare for events in your baby's growth. Those first few months can be difficult for everybody, but if you prepare properly and know how to guide them through the experience, it can be relatively painless.

First of all, you need to be ready for your child to experience teething pain at any time. Their sore, tender gums will continually irritate them, and they may cry or act out at random times. You need to be constantly ready.

Purchase a variety of different sized teething rings and teething gels. Make sure to buy these BEFORE your child starts teething. It's good practice to have these on hand, than wait till your child shows signs of torment.

Don't show irritation towards your child when they are experiencing teething pain. They can read your emotions well, and won't understand why you're upset. After all, they're experiencing pain they can't control or understand, and they need you to be a solid, supportive rock.

Immediately give them attention when they begin showing signs of teething pain. Acting quickly can help reduce their pain, and reduce their crying. A chilled teething ring may be all the attention they need. The ring will soothe their gums, reduce swelling, and give them a distraction from their pain.

Other useful household items for teething include washcloths, frozen food, and chilled pacifiers. Never give your baby frozen food that is small enough to fit down their throat. A frozen bagel is a perfect teething tool, as long as it isn't solid.

Last but not least, simply be patient with your baby. It's a more harrowing and painful experience for your child than it is for you. Give them the love and support they need during this difficult time, and everyone will be happier.