Nothing in this world compares to the joy and elation you feel when your bring your new infant home from the hospital. It is difficult to put into words the emotions you will feel on this day. Chances are good that your first night at home will be filled with many sleepless hours. Sleep does not come easy to new parents but worry certainly does. The easiest way to put your mind at ease is to invest in a digital baby monitor. 

Nothing replaces the ability to hear and see your little one throughout the night. Having a baby monitor allows you to hear every sound and tussle your baby makes throughout the night. You can rest easy knowing that you will hear his or her cries. If you baby needs you in the middle of the night, you will be there. If you are among the fortunate few blessed with a great sleeper, you can peek in on your sleeping infant anytime you wake and feel the urge to make sure he or she is okay. It is easy to hear "false noises" while not in the room with your child. Having a baby monitor with video capability gives parents peace of mind. 

There are so many baby products on the market these days that choosing where to spend your baby budget can be overwhelming. Purchasing a digital baby monitor is a wise investment into the well being of you and your child. For its quality and price, the Summer Infant Secure Sight Digital Color Video Monitor is at the top of the list of monitors on the market. 

Video Imaging
With its color imaging and clarity, the Summer Infant Secure Sight Digital Color Video Monitor give parents visual confirmation that their baby is resting comfortably. While there are plenty of video baby monitors on the market, the Summer Infant monitor provides parents with a clear picture during day or night. Whether you are laying in bed or on the patio with friends, you can relax knowing your baby is sound asleep. The monitor works as far as 600 feet away. 

With its sleek design and size it can easily be transported with you around the house. Unique to this monitor is a belt clip, giving parents hands free capabilities. Whether you are doing chores around the house or just going back and forth to the refrigerator, you can easily track the breathing and movements of your baby. With a few options for neutral colors, you can purchase a Summer Infant Monitor that matches any nursery. 

With a menu of options, it allows parents to determine what functions are active at a given time. In order to conserve its long lasting battery, video capabilities may be turned off at nighttime for sound only monitoring. With volume control, how much sound can also be adjusted. 

The Secure Sight Color Video Monitor has all the capabilities of its competitors but has improved visuals, design, and options for every parent and nursery. Invest in this monitor and you'll sleep easy at night knowing your baby is safe and sound.