Safety as a general and practical matter is a year-round activity when it comes to our kids. Some of the safety tips and tricks we put in place are universal, such as telling kids to look both ways before crossing the street and having safety mechanisms on cabinet doors so crawlers don't get into certain areas that may pose hazards.

There are some things, however, that are good reminders as seasons change - things you may not think of except for that one time of year when summer turns into fall, for example. With the weather getting cooler and kids not likely to be outside quite so much, here are a few quick tips or reminders to ensure you kiddos stay safe even as school gets back in session:

Prep for the wet. Kids still want to be outside, even in the fall. As this can be a time of increased rain in parts of the country, make sure your kids are dressed appropriately, and check to see that playground surfaces are non-slip to account for rain or mud.

Put away the yard. Whatever toys you had out for the summer (trampolines, wading pools, etc.), be sure to break them down and store them away in a dry place like a shed or garage. Even if your kids are outside in the fall, the wetter weather could rust the items. 'Tis better to keep them away from the wet so they can be used again.

Indoor invasion. The kids will be indoors more as the weather gets colder, so if there are safety measures you can take in the home, now is the time to implement them. If you already have them in place from the winter or spring past, this is a good time to remind the kiddos of the safety rules - and a reminder to you, as a parent, to enforce when necessary.

Remind of the road. With fall, there are more kids and cars and school buses on the streets at various times of day, so this is a good time to remind your kids about proper safety around roadways. Since it gets darker sooner, this may be a good time to put some reflective tape or stickers on your kids' backpacks, shoes or jackets so drivers can see them better.