Yes, we are versatile. As long as our floor is flat or we have a clean tabletop (after cleaning off dinner dishes), we are willing to change our baby's diaper wherever we are.

However, there is something about having a changing table for this specific purpose. Especially around nap time or bedtime - or even in the middle of the night - is can be so valuable to have a changing table right in the baby's room. Amazing convenience.

Granted, you and your baby may always be on the go such that you think you won't use a changing table much, but even a handful of times would be worth the investment - and a well-constructed one can be used for multiple babies and/or given to a friend or loved one for their use.

With that in mind, you may want to be aware of these tips to finding a quality changing table for your baby. These are probably common-sense, but it's worth a reminder considering there are thousands of new moms out there every year.


A good changing table has either shelves or drawers underneath to store wipes, diapers, clothes and lotion. This should all be easily accessible.


This is not for the purpose of the baby; this is for Mommy and Daddy. The height of the table should be such that neither Mommy or Daddy should have to stoop over or stretch in order t ochange a diaper.


This is why how high the table is off the ground is not as important for the baby; a good changing table will have high guardrails on all sides, a safety strap around the middle, or both. A good table will not allow a baby to accidentally fall or roll off he table.


The changing table will need to be sturdy. You should check to see that the table has even-length legs and it holds together when shaken. If it feels loose, it won't be a good table for your baby.

Keeping these things in mind when shopping for the right changing table will give you confidence to make the right decision that will be convenient for you, the parent, but also safe for your baby.