As parents, we know that giving our babies the best does not necessarily have anything to do with buying or giving them a physical object. No, one of the greatest gifts we can ever give our children is to teach them how to lead fruitful, happy, and healthy lives by being physically active with them, which will in turn let help feel just how wonderfully fun it is to work their bodies.

The first steps we can take to lead our babies down that path of being physically fit is to not keep them cooped up in their cribs or sitting pacified in front of the television. Instead, we need to get our children out and about with us both indoors and out. Next, we have got to understand that although physical activity is normally geared towards giving us muscles and strengthening our lungs and hearts, when it comes to babies, physical activity is truly a full-everything workout since all of their senses--sight, touch, hearing, taste, and smell--get a real go at it.

General Baby Play Time

The easiest way to work out with your baby is to play with her. Use your hands and fingers, your eyes, your mouth, and your entire face to interact with your baby during playtime. Help her pick up and move her toys. Act amazed as you play with these same toys. Help her learn how to play and how to explore her world.

Improve Roll Over Skills

Building core strength is all the rage with us adults these days. However, our babies need core strength too. To help your little one build his core strength so that he can roll over and later sit up, lay him on his belly and give home toys to interact with. While on his frontside, each time he moves a leg, arm, or his head, he will be exercising his core muscles. Most babies can roll over onto their bellies by the time they are six months of age.  

Improve Sitting Up Skills

Another skill that needs a strong core, sitting is usually possible around the same time that rolling over is. However, you must be very vigilant when helping your baby sit up and remain sitting up. There should be no sharp edges or corners around her and she must never be left alone sitting on an elevated surface such as a chair or bed.

Improve Crawling Skills

The last of the big three physical skills of a baby’s first year of life is crawling. The ability to crawl should come at around eight to 10 months of age. Although your baby will start trying to crawl all on his own when the time comes, you can do much to motivate him to get moving by playing with his favorite toys just outside of his reach. He will be forced to lean on his hands and move his body to join you. Crawling is a great workout and will hit his arms, chest, core, legs, upper back and neck.