The temperatures have seemingly gone directly from winter to summer, and we’ve essentially skipped right over spring. Moms who were planning on spring like temperatures mid-May might need to do some scampering to get everything they need to be ready for summer.

Sunscreen for both baby and Mommy is essential. Little ones under six months old really shouldn’t go out into the sun, but if it’s unavoidable, slather her up with a sunscreen that contains zinc or titanium oxide. These minerals actually don’t absorb into your baby’s skin, and they provide an effective protective barrier against the sun’s UVA and UVB rays.

Getting your toddler to wear hats can sometimes be tricky. You might need to try a few out before finding one that won’t get yanked off. Make sure it’s the right size; a too-small hat can give her a headache, and one that’s too big will flop in her face. You wouldn’t like that, either, would you? If she’s adamant about not wearing it, keep at it until she wears herself out. You’ll be surprised at how much easier it’ll be the next time you make her wear one. She won’t want to put up the fight.

Summertime is full of unpredictable weather; storms can appear out of nowhere. Don’t get caught in torrential downpours without umbrellas and rain gear. Keep a stroller umbrella tucked underneath. As soon as you see those clouds roll in, you’ll be prepared (and hopefully dry) when Mother Nature lets loose. These umbrellas can also act as an added measure to protect against the sun while you’re out strolling.

Staying hydrated in hot weather is actually more important for Mommy than it is for baby. Babies under six months old will get all the hydration they need from breast milk or formula. Giving water to an infant under six months old can actually interfere with her ability to absorb important nutrients and can actually disrupt her electrolyte balance. That being said, for older babies, it’s okay to give her a few sips of water, but your best bet is to keep her hydrated with drinks that contain electrolytes.

Now that you’ve got the essential essentials, you’ll need a stroller organizer to hold it all! A good stroller organizer will contain pockets for drinks, keys, toys, snacks, and so much more. With all the essentials at your fingertips and within reach, your summertime outdoor adventures can begin!