Giving a newborn baby a bath can be quite complicated and tricky if you don’t have the right equipment and accessories for it. You can't just place your baby in an adult-sized bathtub because of the high level of risk it involves.
It’s a good thing that more and more companies are coming up with innovative choices to help you with your baby bath responsibilities. And when it comes to bathing necessities, the first thing on the list would be a bathtub. In order to help you with choosing the right baby tub, here are some tips and guidelines you should take note of:
  • If you're looking for something that can last long as your baby grows older, you can go for a “convertible” type that comes in different designs. Most of which feature a removable hammock or sling that caters to newborns and as your baby gets bigger, you can just remove that and place him/her in the tub itself.
  • Make sure that the tub has an inclined angle to make it easy for you to keep your baby’s head in a slightly upright position.
  • In purchasing a hard plastic bathtub, look for something with a smooth texture and shape, which will provide utmost comfort for your baby. Also go for a tub that has a mildew-resistant foam lining as well.
  • It would benefit you immensely if the tub comes with a plug and hook or suction cup. The plug at the base will make draining the water so much easier and faster. Meanwhile, the hook or suction cup can be used to hang the tub (on the wall or somewhere out of reach) to completely drain it after use, as well as to avoid the build-up of mold and mildew.
Regardless of the price, what’s more important is to really look into the kind of baby bathtub that will cater to your baby’s needs. Do some ample research before making a purchase, especially when it comes to major baby necessities such as a bathtub.