Most new parents learn early on that a large diaper bag is needed in order to step one foot from the house. Deciding on the right type can be confusing at best and frustrating at worst. Here are some things to look for while searching for the perfect diaper bag. 


Handles vs. Straps 


Parents are generally willing to admit that having a new baby is nothing like they thought it would be. They may have imagined walking along snuggling a newborn while carrying a trendy diaper bag meant to catch the envious eye of other mothers. A realistic picture for new parents may look more like juggling a small wailing infant in order to find a position that is acceptable to them while trying not to hit those passing by with an enormous bag full of baby supplies. By looking for an attractive diaper bag that can double as a backpack, parents are more able to take care of the baby instead of babysitting their bag. 


Multiple Pockets 


Purchasing a diaper bag that has one large pocket designed to hold everything a baby might need generally causes much irritation. A large compartment leads to items such as pacifiers, wipes and rash medicine being lost in the depths. Look instead for a bag with plenty of separated pockets both on the inside and on the outside. This will help find things more quickly and prevent unnecessary irritation. 


Gender Neutral 


According to a recent poll by, 38% of fathers claim that they share baby care tasks equally with their spouse. While this may not be the case in all households, acknowledging a father's role is increasingly important. When purchasing a diaper bag, be sure that it is one that both dad and mom will feel comfortable carrying, especially if each provides an equal amount of child care. 

The wrong type of diaper bag can leave new parents feeling flustered, disorganized and unprepared. By looking for bags with these specific features, you will be able to see your new bag as a useful parenting tool rather than an annoyance.