Newborn infants, by nature, sleep during the day and are awake most of the night. What's more, they often have irregular sleeping patterns and would usually sleep for just 2 to 3 hours each time. The good news is that when they reach 3 to 6 months of age, they learn to sleep for 5 hours straight already during the night.

If you want to ensure that your baby gets enough quality sleep, try following these 7 valuable tips:

Install Light Dimmers

Just like adults, babies also appreciate dimmed lights. When it's darker, they start to feel more relaxed and will eventually feel sleepier too.

Hence, it would be good to install dimmers in the nursery lights and lamps so that you can gradually dim the brightness when it's nap time or time to go to bed for the evening. In the same way, this will also help you wake them up at a consistent time.

Play Relaxing, Rhythmic Music

Contrary to what many people think, silence may not be the best way to make babies sleep well. After all, when they were still in the womb, they were used to hearing different sounds and perhaps the rhythmical beat of their mothers' hearts.

For this reason, you ought to consider playing lullabies, white noise, or nature sounds while your baby is sleeping.

Avoid Eye Contact

Parents just love gazing into their babies' eyes! But then, this will certainly keep them awake. You can do it during the day but not when it's time to sleep.

Control Baby's Room Temperature

Naturally, room temperature that's either too warm or too cold will bother a baby and keep them wide awake or maybe stirring and rousing from time to time. This is why you need to make the room just a little bit cooler, enough for your baby to feel soothed and comforted.

Use Night-Time Diapers

Instead of changing your baby's diapers every now and then all throughout the night, you must look for excellent night-time diapers that can last for many hours and keep your little one dry and comfortable. This way, you will not have to disturb his or her sleep.

Rock Your Baby To Sleep

There are several studies that point out the wonderful slumbering and relaxing effects of the rocking or swinging motion not just on babies but on people. Invest in fantastic, durable, and safe baby rockers or cradles and cribs with this special feature. has a huge selection of these must-have sleep helpers for babies, all in amazing quality too.

Establish Consistency

It's essential to establish a consistent sleeping and waking up pattern for your baby. This will not just improve their quality and quantity of sleep, but will also be great for their overall health. What's more, you can work out a reliable schedule too around it and thus accomplish more in the process.

Following these tips will surely make your baby healthier and happier in the long run, not to mention make parents more stress-free too!