Nappy pants are welcome relief after the struggling phase of putting your crawling baby in usual nappies. Nappy change is quite a stressful task especially with the crawling ones. More they move, more will try to stop them and the scuffle will result in spreading more germs all around. It is this stage of toddlerhood that you need such pant style nappies that help you start your baby with potty training.

It is a well-accepted fact that every child is an individual and traits of development may not be same and equal. It is all the most important fact to remember when you train your child for toilet. Some can learn it by 18 months only while some can take up to four years. But on an average, it takes almost two and half years for a child to understand the urgency to go to toilet and act accordingly. So, never push your child too harsh else, it will only delay the development. Rather make it fun no matter how weird it sounds. Switching from usual nappies to nappy pants it should be a message to your toddler that it is time to act like biggies and use real toilets.

Best part of this type of diapers is that these are less messy. You can pull them down and take them to the toilet like normal pants if you catch any signal of your kids releasing. Even if you don’t, you simply tear it from sides, thus minimizing the possibilities of making the surrounding area dirty and infected. What more can you ask for if you have a toddler at home who runs around all over. So from hygiene point of view too, pant style nappies are proven to be helpful.

Yet after having said everything, you must remember that there are certain disadvantages too that are tagged along with this convenient product. Often doctors and other health experts do not recommend nappies, especially the disposable ones. However, most of the doctors gave clean chit to them when parents are responsible enough to use nappies sensibly. This means changing them often or immediately once soiled, wiping the bottom from back to front, putting rash cream to avoid eruptions caused by wetness etc.

If you are buying nappy pants for your toddler, it means you have used usual nappies for almost a year or even more than that and you know how to maintain hygiene. At this stage, it is also comparatively easier to handle babies. So, as long as you purchase a branded product with good reputation and sticking to the basic rules of diapering, you can use these nappies without worrying. After all, you are about to reach that big day when your little one would go to toilet by himself.