Toys for babies and small children do so much more than simply occupy their time. If you seek a way to enrich your baby's early investigations of the surrounding world, consider a toy such as a playmat or gym. These types of toys have a variety of bright colors and differing textures to gain your baby's attention and encourage exploration. Slightly older toddlers gain a similar benefit from educational and interactive toys that do more than enrich your child's mind; they also help develop early motor skills and improve physical competencies. If you have a baby who is learning to stand or walk, consider a jumper or walker to help develop the baby's coordination and strength. Toddlers often enjoy early development toys, such as shape sorters, that develop fine motor skills. Consider too the comfort that toys often offer young children. If your baby resists nap time, see whether a bouncer or swing might help your baby relax and nod off. Toys such as rattles and teethers have the ability to soothe grumpy or fussy children, especially during the teething phase.
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