I know this may seem odd to some, but one of the greatest joys of being a parent is travelling with your baby. And, while there are no doubt some challenges inherently involved with travelling with your baby, the flip side to this is that being with your baby will introduce you to people and places you would otherwise have never met or experienced.

However, to maximize your baby travelling experience you will need to properly prepare.

Flying with Your Baby

If you are going to fly with your baby, the first thing you will need to do is contact the airline to learn what you can carry on, what you may want to carry on, and that which you cannot. Also, airlines will provide you with a list of guidelines that you ought to at least consider following.

Driving with Your Baby

If you are going to drive, make sure your car’s emergency kit has food, drink, baby wipes, and blankets for your baby as well as emergency gear for you. Also, plan on making stops every few hours to let your baby get outside and stretch. Generally speaking, driving with your baby will go slower than driving on your own.  

Packing for Your Trip with Your Baby

How many of each of the following you bring with you will depend upon whether you are flying or driving.


Bring enough to at least get you to your next stop.

Baby Wipes

Start the trip with at least two packs of baby wipes and then purchase a new pack each time a pack empties.

Diaper Changing Pad

Bring one travel changing pad or a number of disposable ones.

Rash Cream or Lotion

Must have this.

Plastic Garbage Bags

Bring as many as you can. These never go out of style.


It is a good idea to always have at least three baby blankets so that you can be assured of having at least one while the other two are being washed.


If your baby needs pacifiers, do not forget to bring enough to keep him pacified.

Formula and Food

Bring enough to get to your ultimate destination.

Breast Pump

If you use one, bring it. Your breasts and baby will thank you.

Baby Bottles, Nipples, and Sippy Cups

Bring extra so that you are never caught without.

Baby Carrier

If you are going to carry your baby, you will need this.

Inflatable or Portable Baby Tub

Makes it easy to keep your baby clean.


Arrival at Your Destination

When you arrive at your destination, try to set up your holiday place so that your baby knows it is her home. The better you are at making your baby feel safe, comfortable, and secure, the more enjoyable your trip will be for your baby, your family, and you.