It used to be that no one knew the gender of a baby until he or she came protesting and screaming into the world, but nowadays with advanced technology it’s almost standard procedure to find out. While knowing whether your baby will be a boy or a girl helps with planning and preparation for baby’s arrival, some folks still appreciate this one true surprise in life.

So what do you do when you know someone who is having a baby and prefers to stay uninformed of the gender? Societal norms have dictated pink for girls and blue for boys, so those who are trying to stay away from these stereotypical colors end up with a bunch items in green, yellow, and orange.  But what if these parents aren’t really a fan of Santa Fe colors either?

And what about all the other stereotypes of baseball hats and frilly little dresses? We know one thing is for sure. The baby will either be a boy or a girl. Throwing a gender-neutral shower can be bland, because we’re afraid to toe the line. If the parent's are okay with it, you can always plan a "guess the gender" game, or have a "baby pool" where friends participate in guessing things like gender, date of birth, and weight.

Another idea is to find out what the parent’s plan is for the baby’s theme. Perhaps it will be farm animals, safari animals, Sesame Street characters, or Winnie the Pooh. If so, great! You have a place to start. You can still purchase gender-specific items, but provide gift receipts in case your gender guess was wrong. After all, you only have a fifty-fifty shot at getting it right. On the other hand, you could always wait until after the baby arrives to buy gifts and necessities for the new parents.

For things like towels, blankets, and infant toys, whether they’re pink or blue or polka dotted shouldn’t really matter. These items are useful no matter what color they are, and the only ones who will be using them in this stage of baby’s life are the parents. The baby’s parents don’t need socially-deemed appropriate colors to be able to identify their baby’s gender. They couldn’t care less whether the new addition to their family is a boy or a girl. The only thing that matters to them is that their little baby is surrounded by love.