Starting in early 2015, a new baby monitor will be shipped out to consumers and retailers that will take the 70-year-old baby monitoring system to a whole new level. But will it invade the privacy of your child and you, as a parent?

It is called the Sproutling Baby Monitor, and it is more than just the eyes and ears of a watchful parent like all previous models of monitors have been - it goes into the baby's very physical existence and provides information that parents could rarely know on their own without instinct - but does this monitoring go too far?

The monitor, which is wearable on a baby's ankle with a hypoallergenic, breathable band, reportedly takes 16 distinct measurements every second, including heart and breathing rate, skin temperature, temperature of the room, noise and light level, and other measurements to determine if the child is sleeping, its mood, and whether the conditions in the room are ideal for restful sleep.

The monitor is charged wirelessly, as the parent can drop the band into a charging bowl an located in the baby's room. The monitor itself is small but shaped in a way so that it is not a choking hazard, and the monitor comes with three different sizes of bands for different stages of the baby's growth. And in true modern-technology style, the device comes with its own mobile app, so parents can get real-time information to a smartphone or mobile device anytime.

As a parent, how do you feel about having so much information about your baby provided for you from some wearable computer device? When is there too much information? Before this device hit shelves, let us know your initial thoughts - would you consider buying this item? Why or why not?