Highchair Plaid 1
Selecting a quality highchair is a crucial element in preventing accidents from occurring. Expensive doesn't always equal quality, or more efficient when it comes to baby products. A highchair is generally an expensive purchase, therefore, once the safety of the highchair has been established, it is important to consider several factors before selecting a model.

There are many different styles of highchairs available, from different materials to additional perks and features. For some expectant parents, it is important to find a highchair that is somewhat aesthetically appealing. A highchair no longer needs to stick out like a heinous sore thumb; there are new designs that look sleek and modern.

Look at how the highchair folds; this is an especially convenient element to have for storage purposes. In particular for those who live in smaller spaces, having a high chair that is easy to tuck away may be especially important. As well, the overall size of the highchair may be an important component to take into consideration depending on the size of one's space available.

To ensure that a high chair is safe, examine the restraining straps for sturdiness. In addition, check the weight capacity of the chair. The chair should be able to support at least 100 pounds on the seat and 50 pounds on the foot rest area. Always examine the chair firsthand; if is seems flimsy or insecure, select a different product.

Any new mommy will agree that once a baby comes along, being able to clean items quickly and efficiently is essential. Check what kind of tray comes with the highchair; look to see if it is dishwasher safe. Are there small cracks and crevices where crumbs and gunk are likely to lodge themselves? Is there a seat cushion that is removable and machine washable?