Media, family, and friends influence the way purchases are made, even those purchases that make infants very sick. Parents are not given a list of facts on products they intend to purchase nor have they been fully informed on the ingredients used to manufacture the finished product. What if a parent was seeking to buy bedding for her young child and was stuck between whether to buy organic or conventional bedding? What would make buying one particular brand a better choice over the other? Parents struggle with this question daily.

Organic, simply refers to the way farm manufactures process and grow their goods. Organic products have been proven healthier for the environment and health wise too. The Organic Production System approach was a measure, put in place, to preserve soil fertility from harsh toxins and pesticides which in turn was suppose produced a safer environment.

Organic products has taken the market by storm

Organic baby bedding, is one hundred percent cotton, certified all natural, chemical free, dye-free, and free of toxins that are harmful to babies. Infant body temperature is better regulated due to the ventilation found in organic bedding which allows better breathing and a peaceful night.

Conventional bedding is synthetic and very toxic. This is due to the make-up of conventional mattresses. Most of these mattresses contain polyurethane foam. The foam is hazardous due its continuous decomposition and release of gases. PBDE (polybrominated diphenyl ethers) and boric acid are two more toxic ingredients used to manufacture mattresses. PBDE have been banned from Europe and have been blamed for the effects on the health of animals.

Boric acid can be found in roach repellants and used in mattresses as flame retardant. Another problem is that manufactures treat non-organic sheets with formaldehyde in order to reduce wrinkles. Formaldehyde has been considered a cancer cause chemical. A baby’s lungs, respiratory system and allergies are affected by parasites and chemical found in baby bedding.

Individuals shouldn’t depend on the media, family and friends influence solely. They should conduct in-depth research on products they plan to buy. Organic cotton bedding as well as conventional bedding should be examined for its advantages and disadvantages to ensure safety. 

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