The needs of mothers with newborn babies vary and differ from one another. Some might actually need breast pumps, while some can do just fine without having to use it. It’s perfectly understandable if you’re still on the fence about purchasing and using a breast pump. However, it’s also important to first familiarize yourself of the benefits of using one before you make your final decision.


The most important reason for making use of a breast pump is for whenever you are not around to feed the baby—whether it’s because of work, going on a much-deserved night out, or perhaps even just when you really need to catch up on sleep and let the father or some other relative take care of your baby in the meantime. By putting the fathers in charge of feeding time, you’re also providing a way for him to connect and have more quality time with your newborn, especially if he’s working on most days. Having a ready stock of breast milk would also prove to be highly beneficial if you happen to give birth to twins, triplets, or possibly even more. 


A breast pump can also cater to your problems with both excess and lack of breast milk. With too much milk supply, you’re bound to experience painful engorgement. A way of easing your discomfort is by relieving excess milk with the help of a breast pump. On the other hand, it can also help in increasing milk as well as re-establishing the supply with frequent use and stimulation.  


Some mothers also deal with flat or inverted nipples, which is one of the reasons that can prevent them from directly breastfeeding their babies. Frequent use of a breast pump helps in drawing out the nipple, as well as in stimulating the letdown reflex. There are also other reasons why a mother can’t exclusively breastfeed the baby; these reasons include: going on medication, experiencing illnesses, suckling difficulties and pains, mastitis, and so on. If you’re experiencing any of these hindrances in direct breastfeeding, turning to a breast pump for help will provide proper nourishment for your baby until such time that you can return to direct feeding once again.

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