The smell of a new baby often draws even those who claim they don't like children and it's often one of the most powerful memories a new mother reminisces about when recalling those first few precious days with her newborn. While a baby doesn't get dirty like their older human counterparts, even this sweet smelling tiny person needs regular bathing.

Bathing a baby can be quite terrifying for new parents and for good reason. Their tiny, wiggly little bodies become very slippery with even the tiniest bit of baby soap. This is one area where all the modern tools available become invaluable rather than mere convenience.

A fold-able baby bathtub lined with rubber gripping material is the perfect choice for babies from birth to the time they can sit upright on their own. These little bathtubs can fit right into a kitchen sink and have a drain plug for easy use. Simply fill it up, wash your little bundle and you're done. Once a baby is old enough to sit up and support their heads steadily on their own, a baby bath seat keeps them from toppling into the water in a regular bath tub. For couples that are tag teaming baby bath time, having one adult in the water and one waiting outside the tub is another option for giving a baby a safe bath time experience.

No matter what tools you use to get your baby clean, remember to be gentle and use only the smallest amount of soap possible. Having a dry washcloth available to mop up drips around the eyes will also keep your baby as comfortable and happy. Some babies love the water, while others are terrified of the entire experience. If your baby leans towards the latter, don't worry too much about this reaction. Babies change rapidly and that screaming infant will most likely love the water before you know it.When it comes to bathing a baby your first priority is safety, with cleanliness coming in second. Making use of modern baby gear will make this process enjoyable for your baby and a quick task for Mom or Dad.