Avent Anti-Colic Bottle with AirFree vent 4oz 2-Pack

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2 Pack Bottle 4oz
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Our unique AirFree vent is designed to help your baby swallow less air as they drink, by drawing air away from the nipple. Reducing the amount of air your baby ingests can help with common feeding issues, such as colic, reflux and gas.The nipple stays full even when the bottle is horizontal, so your baby can drink in an upright position. This can help reduce reflux, aid digestion, and make feeding time more comfortable for you and your little one.Clinical studies have shown that the Philips Avent bottle reduces colic and fussing. Fussing is significantly reduced at night as babies fed with Philips Avent anti-colic bottles experienced 60% less fussing than babies fed with a leading competitor's vented bottle.The shape of the nipple allows for a secure latch, and the ribbed texture helps prevent nipple collapse, for uninterrupted, comfortable feeding.With its wide neck and fewer parts, our bottle is easier to assemble and to clean quickly and thoroughly.While feeding, make sure the AirFree vent stays on top. This keeps the nipple full of milk, even when the bottle is held in a horizontal position, for easier upright feeding.

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