Avent Breast Milk Storage Containers 6 Ounce
Philips Avent VIA Breast Milk Containers

Avent Breast Milk Storage Containers 6 Ounce

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VIA Breast Milk Containers
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The Philips Avent Via Breast Milk Containers is part of one system with many options. Avent VIA is a set of versatile, BPA Free, space-saving breast milk storage containers that are designed to grow with your baby. The Avent VIA set allows you to express, store and feed breast milk to your baby. Relieving you of the trouble of transferring your breast milk. They are also compact and ideal for when you are on the go. The Philips Avent VIA set includes 10 Lids, 10 pre-sterilized cups and 2 Milk Storage Adapters. Each cup hold 6oz (180mL).

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