Avent Drying Rack
Avent Drying Rack

Avent Drying Rack

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The Philips AVENT drying rack is designed to dry your baby's bottles and accessories in the most clean and tidy way. With a flexible design, a detachable drip tray and room to hold any bottle size, it is answering your daily drying needs. Holds all products to feed your baby every day: 8 bottles, breast pump and soothers. Fitting all sizes of bottles (up to 11oz/330ml).Detachable drip tray for easy disposal of water and therefore a clean drying. Open design allowing air to flow freely and water to easily evaporate for the most optimum drying.Helping you to dry your baby's feeding products in an organized way. Easy filling thanks to a flexible design that can be adjusted to your baby's needs.

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