Baby Buddy Water Bottler Adapter AquaSip

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Water Bottle Adapter AquaSip
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Turn Water Bottles into Baby Bottles with our New AquaSip Water Bottle Adapter. AquaSip is easy to use and is easy to clean. Pediatrician approved, the AquaSip is safe, natural & reusable. The secret to the AquaSip is its patented 2-Way Reversible Adapter which allows AquaSip fit on most water and drinks bottles. Buddy Bear says: "Keep your baby hydrated!" Recommended for children 5 months and up. Follow instructions and warnings on the package. AquaSip is not a toy and should be used as intended. Wash before 1st use. Test with your child to ensure the water flow is appropriate for them. Top rack dishwasher safe. Each package includes 2 polyfilm boxes to safely carry and store your AquaSip.

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