Every parent knows you want to have a hidden stash of diapers and wipes — there’s nothing like going to change a diaper at 2 a.m. and discovering there isn’t a single diaper in the house. But those aren’t the only thing you might want to have back-up for to avoid a scramble, usually at the most inconvenient time, to find a replacement. Here are three things I’ve learned (in some cases, the hard way) to keep on hand:

That Beloved Lovey. My oldest daughter has a little lovely like a Dumbo one and the idea of sleeping without it is laughable. So far, we haven’t lost it (although we’ve had a few close calls), but having an extra one gives us all some peace of mind. It’s also nice if the lovey eventually gets too dirty or worn out to be able to switch it out for a new, clean one.

Crib Sheets. Whether it’s throw-up or a blow-out diaper, keeping an extra crib sheet or two in the linen closet will mean you can replace the sheet and have your baby back in bed in no time! When our middle daughter got a stomach bug a few weeks ago, we were so so grateful to have a back-up. By the time I had her bathed and in fresh jammies, my husband had the crib all clean and ready for her to get back to bed.

Pacifiers. When you can’t find one or it gets left behind somewhere, you’ll be really glad to have a few stashed away. For eight months, we had only one pacifier for our oldest daughter – we managed to never lose it! Then, on a family trip to Disneyland, she tossed it over the side of the stroller and none of us noticed until it was too late. We scoured the area, but finally had to give up (happily, the baby centers at Disneyland have big baskets of pacifiers. Vacation saved!)

And, of course, don’t forget those diapers and wipes.