BabyMoov Lovenest Head Support Pillow Smokey

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 Paediatrician Dr Maidenberg said “In 1994, recommendations that babies should sleep on their backs led to a reduction in cot deaths. In the weeks that followed the widespread take-up of this new sleeping position, I saw increasing numbers of babies in my consultation room presenting cranial asymmetry: positional plagiocephaly. I was sure it was possible to find a simple and effective means of preventing this, so I worked with children’s fashion designer, Gina Diwan. From this collaboration the Lovenest range was created with Babymoov. Ensure baby is supported and comfortable with the ergonomic, thermoregulating Lovenest baby pillow. Keeps baby cool and comfortable thanks to Coolmax® fabric. Comfortable support aids baby in settling to sleep. Offers real support without restricting baby’s freedom of movement. Aids the healthy development of baby’s skull shape, and prevents plagiocephaly (flat head).

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