Dream Baby Toilet Trainer White-ray

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Toilet Trainer White-Gray
Part Number: DRE-L1610
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All of your potty training needs with one purchase! Product converts to 3 different configurations. Sit Down Potty Trainer Stage 1: Sit down potty trainer to be used on the floor. Step Up Toilet Trainer Stage 2: Toilet trainer with step to easily access the "big" potty and handles to help your little one feel more secure. Potty Topper Stage 3: Potty topper to be used when your toddler feels comfortable with the beginning stages but still needs a little assistance. 3 products in 1. Potty, step-up toilet reducer, toilet seat topper with removable bowl Recommended for ages 18-36 months Stage 1: Sit down potty trainer, Stage 2: Toilet trainer with steps, Stage 3: Potty topper Step-up toilet reducer features a removeable potty topper with contoured seat Easy to clean and folds for storage and travel Stable and safe - rubber lined for non slip surface

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