Dreambaby 2-Up Steep Stool Aqua

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2-Up Step Stool Aqua
Part Number: DRE-L685
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Dreambaby® 2-Up Step Stool gives children a sense of independence by enabling them to reach areas that are still just a bit too high. With the non-slip base and sure grip top, it's perfect for nearly any location and floor surface. The Step Stool is perfect to help reach the sink, kitchen counters, and many other places. It's easy to clean and can be wiped down with a warm wash cloth.Features a slip resistant top and base and will hold up to 175 lbs. 10.5" Tall x 14" Depth x 12.5" Wide (7.5" x 9" step surface). East grip handles for quick relocation.Perfect for growing kids who are learning potty training. Two small steps to carefully reach toilet, bathroom sink, and kitchen bench

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