Motherhood is one of the most beautiful and difficult phases of a woman’s life. When a baby arrives in the family, nothing remains the same. The messed up sleep schedule, non-stop cries, repeated diaper changing sessions, and the list goes on! 

However, this does not mean that you can never get your life back. Of course, there are going to be many compromises, but the fun does not have to stop. In this blog, we will tell all our beautiful new mommies how to plan for your baby’s first Christmas and enjoy the coming holiday season with grit and grace. 

  1. Plan your baby’s nap

This does not mean making your baby take a nap according to your time, but adjusting your time according to the baby’s nap. You do not need to come home as soon as it is time for the baby to nap or be at home for every nap. In most cases the holidays can take a toll on your energy and add a baby to the mix, you'll probably want to spend most of the day taking naps. 

But, you will feel more refreshed if you spend some time outside with friends and family rather than being locked in the four walls of your home. Do not ignore your mental health. Social isolation could result in many mental health issues. Accept those invitations to social gatherings to get out of the house and show off your baby.

However, being outside does not mean skipping your baby’s nap. You can smartly plan to feed your baby just before going out so that your baby can enjoy his/her nap on the stroller while you enjoy a leisure evening walk or a cup of coffee with your girlfriends. 

If you decide to be at home during one nap, you can do so for the morning nap because that is usually the most important and recharging nap for your baby. Babies are most likely to be less cranky when they have a satisfying morning nap.

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  1. Do not jump to bed early

Try to hang on to the bedtime of your baby even if that means staying up a little late. On some days you might feed your baby way ahead of time, but do not jump to bed immediately after dinner. Try to create a simple daily routine for your baby to help them cue that bedtime is coming. When you make them familiar with a fixed routine, it helps them understand what’s coming next. The routine for the day could start with feeding, bath time, Pj’s, playing with your baby’s dolls, singing a song, then sleeping. Always keep the routine the same for the first few months to help your baby know what to expect next.

If you ever find yourself out after the bedtime routine or plan for an outing with your social groups, it is wise to bring the routine with you. Try to do a light version of your nightly routine like instead of bathing, just wash his/her face and hands. 

Always bring something that will remind the baby of their room like a blanket or sheet or a bedtime doll and with the lights to replicate the middle of the night. This is necessary because your baby might find it difficult to fall asleep in a new ambiance. 

When it is finally time to leave for home, pack everything into the car before taking the baby on your nap. Try to have a silent drive home to not disturb your baby’s sleep. When you reach home, try to keep the lights low so that you can peacefully tuck in your baby for a nap.

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  1. Acknowledge your efforts

Motherhood is difficult! Hence, please be kind to yourself and don’t push it. Always believe that you are doing your best with your little one and give yourself credits for that. Do not less anyone tell you otherwise. Being a mother is something that comes with experience. So this holiday season, cut yourself some slack and do the best you can to give yourself some good holiday memories with your friends and family. 

Do not feel guilty about having fun just because you have responsibilities towards a newborn. Keeping your mind refreshed is not only important for your health but for the baby’s health as well. So most of your baby’s first Christmas. Once the holiday season is over, you can jump back to your earlier routine.


The most important thing every new mother should know is that nothing goes according to plan and there is no perfect way to be a good mother. You all beautiful mommies out there are doing a great job juggling between babies, families, celebrations, work, shopping, and so on. Do not miss out on the fun coming your way. Do not let social isolation and loneliness take a toll on you. 

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