There are many ways to potty train your baby. Although this should not be a surprise to us since we do all know that there are thousands of cultures in the world, most of us are somewhat shocked to learn that the potty training method we are most familiar with may not be the best.

Potty Training Your Infant

Did you you know that infants can be potty trained? They can. To do this, you have got to be attuned to the noises and other indications he gives when the time comes for him to go potty. Then when he gives an indication that he is ready to go, hold him over a toilet so that he can. Of course, going with this potty training route requires that you pay attention to your infant at all times. Depending upon how busy you are, having to pay extra attention to your baby could be a huge positive or an time- and energy-draining negative.

Just Keep Trying

The just keep trying potty training method is very common. All a parent does when using this method is give her baby the chance to practice sitting on and using a toilet from time to time until she, the child, starts remembering to hold it until she can get to a toilet. If you go with this method make sure you give plenty of positive feedback when your child goes as she should, where she should.

Leave it Up to Them

The leave it up to them potty training method is probably the most widely used method in the US. It is even recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. When you leave it up to your child to start using the toilet, all you do is introduce the toilet to him from time to time and wait for him to start using it, which can take years.